Seasonal Specials


Vine Crawl #1 <> PRICE: $175

Spend 3-4 hours visiting the local vineyards and tasting rooms in Cornville, AZ.  Includes Round trip transportation to 3-4 Tasting Rooms, allowing plenty of time to sample a variety of local and regional wines in ambient locations.   1-4 Passengers.

Vine Crawl #2 <> PRICE: $225

Spend 4-5 Hours visiting the local vineyards in Cornville and tasting rooms in Old Town Cottonwood.  Enjoy 5-6 Tasting Rooms, shopping in Old Town and lunch at your leisure!  Includes round trip transportation and informal guidance.  1-4 Passengers.

Vine Crawl #3 <> PRICE: $275

Spend 5-6 Hours in one of the country's oldest "Ghost Towns."  Jerome, AZ is a resurrected Historical Mining town, revived into an artistic community with plenty of shopping, dining and Tasting Room options.  Visit the art galleries and perhaps get a psychic reading, all with a beautiful view of Sedona in the distance.  Includes Round trip transportation and informal guidance.  1-4 Passengers.

The Vinyl Crawl <> PRICE: $325

6-7 Hours. Custom designed, to suit your transportation needs.  1-4 Passengers. 

Village of Oak Creek Special

Local Transportation in the Village of Oak Creek . $5 rate per 15 minutes. Available Tuesday through Thursday. Call to schedule.


Transportation Vehicle is a Mercedes Benz C-300